Production Design
  • "WAITING FOR FOREVER" Feature, PCH Films, Producers: Trevor Albert, James Keach
  • "BULLY BEATDOWN" Pilot, Mark Burnett Productions for MTV, Producer: Mark Burnett
  • "THE AMERICAN MALL" Feature, MTV Films, Producers: Bill Borden, Barry Rosenbush
  • "LOCK AND ROLL FOREVER" Feature, T&C Pictures, Producers: bill Borden, Barry Rosenbush
  • "ANIMALS" Feature, T&C Pictures, Producers: Paul Green, Barry Rosenbush
  • "EVIL ANGEL" Feature, Main Street Movie Company, Producers: Richard Dutcher, Jeff T. Miller
  • "AMERICAN PASTIME" Feature, Shadow Catcher Films, Producers: David Skinner, Barry Rosenbush
  • "BONNEVILLE" Feature, Senart Films, Producers: Robert May, Bob Brown, John Kilker
  • "UNEARTHED" Feature, Ambush Entertainment, Producers: Francie Grace, Ty Ruben Ellingson, DJ Marini
  • "A HOUSE DIVIDED" (The Work & The Glory) Feature, Vineyard Films, Producers: Scott Swafford, Jeff T. Miller
  • "AMERICAN ZION" Feature, Vineyard Films, Producers: Scott Swafford, Jeff T. Miller
  • "BLOODY MARY" Feature, Sony Pictures, Producers: Aaron Merrell, Scott Messer, Jefferson Richards
  • "SLOW MO" Feature, New Movie Corporation, Producers: Forrest S. Baker, Jeff T. Miller, Tim Nelson
  • "THE SUNSHINE MAKER" Short Film, Producers: Karen Weggenmann, David Brooks
Art Direction
  • "GENTLEMEN BRONCOS" Feature, Fox Searchlight, Producers, Jared Hess, John Kelly
  • "DARKMATTER" Feature, Producers: Mary Salter, Janet Yang, Jeff Miller
  • "TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL" CBS Episodic (212 Episodes - Nine Seasons), Producers: M. Williamson, J. Anderson
  • "PROMISED LAND" CBS Pilot and Five Episodes, Producers: Martha Williamson, Jon Anderson
  • "NOTHING LASTS FOREVER" CBS Miniseries, Producers: David Gerber, Vanessa Green